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Hey guys and welcome to Acclaimnation, my new hobbies blog where I focus on video games. I have always wanted to have a little diary online of my video game experiences and now it’s come true! I have been playing games for the majority of my life, starting at friends houses and McDonald’s playplaces before my Dad gave me his Sega Game Gear at around 6. I played that thing until the battery had to be replaced and then until the screen died before my parents got me my first current console, an original Xbox. I had that Xbox for about 8 years until it broke and I was able to get an Xbox 360 which is the console I still play to this day. I did get a WiiU a couple years ago but I unfortunately don’t live in the same area as where it is anymore.

I am also a fan of computer games as well as console games. I have my Republic of Gaming laptop with me and I love to play games like The Forest, Mount and Blade: Warbands, and State of Decay on it. I am really really excited for the holiday sale on Steam, hopefully I can get some of the new games I am too cheap to buy. My goal with this blog is to document my gaming experience; currently I am trying to reach 200,000 gamerscore on my Xbox 360 and am almost halfway there. I will hopefully have an update on that for you next week. Bye guys.


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