Skyrim Special Edition is Special

Hey there readers, welcome back to my blog about my favourite hobby, video games. Have any of you picked up some new games with their holiday money yet? Lots of games have came out in the past six months, so it’s time to catch up! I found this shopping website that lets you buy new goods online at for reasonable prices. One of my most recent pickups was Skyrim Special Edition as I was a huge fan of the original game back in 2011 and bought all of the expansion packs for my Xbox 360. Now that I have it on Xbox One with the updated graphics I was ready to be magically shouted at all over again.


The Graphics

The big thing that Bethesda talked about with Skyrim Special Edition is the graphics upgrades. Now, the game did shift from being on a 32-bit platform to a 64 bit platform.  This change makes it looks pretty amazing on console, but PC gamers will not be impressed. We already have an extensive collection of graphical mods for vanilla Skyrim on the PC. These mods were made by people wanting the game to look better for themselves and other fans and their hard work paid off. A fully modded vanilla Skyrim on PC looks miles better than Skyrim Special Edition does on PC. Plus all the mods to enhance the graphics won’t come for a long time. Speaking of the mods…

Modding the game

Yes, modding the game is now available on console via a very easy process. It is also a lot easier on PC now, but as this game is run in 64-bit mode it cannot load mods that were made in its 32-bit sibling. This means that all mods made for the original game are now void and must be made over again. This also means that gamers who used these mods will have to uninstall them and reinstall them, if they ever get updated. Console community 2, PC community 0.

Skyrim mods-Spiderman

Updated Gameplay

There is no updated gameplay whatsoever. That horrible user interface that players would mod out within an hour, the AI pathing making characters run into the same wall for 5 minutes, and all the bugs that these games are known for is still there. As usual, this has been left to the modding community thanks to Bethesda. Why pay for people can do it when adoring fans will work for free? At least this comes with a new set of achievements to unlock.

Skyrim Comparison


After playing the game for a dozen hours on my Xbox One and watching a friend play on his high end computer, Skyrim Special Edition seems to be just another attempt by a major developer to push hard onto the console market at the expensive of their already large PC fan group. This game was a reasonable upgrade from my previous Xbox 360 version, but seems like a downgrade for PC players in terms of mods, graphics, and even sounds. If you liked this review, check out my previous one on Grand Theft Auto 5. See you guys soon.


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