Video Games on Xbox One S vs. Playstation 4 Pro

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Hello faithful readers, I am here again to demystify the vast and wonderful world of video games. Microsoft and Sony released new versions of their popular consoles last year. I’m here to break down the differences between them, so you can buy and be happy. Although neither the Xbox One S nor the Playstation 4 Pro significantly outperform their predecessors, only one demonstrates upgraded performance value. Check out my breakdown of the Best Laptops for PC Gaming, if playing on a console isn’t your thing.

Comparing Xbox One S vs. Playstation 4 Pro

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Microsoft slightly disappointed gamers with the Xbox One S. The internal specs barely differ from the 2013 model, but still enough to call it a better system. They did increase the storage space on the One S, with up to 2 TB available, while Playstation 4 Pro still has a 1 TB hard drive. The PS4 Pro makes up for that with an extra 1 GB of memory. Xbox One S comes out on top with the integrated Ultra HD Blu-ray, which the PS4 Pro cannot support. Sony chose not to include its pioneering Blu-ray standard on the PS4 Pro, but you can still directly stream Netflix and Youtube in 4K.

The most important difference between playing games on the Xbox One S and the Playstation 4 Pro is in the resolution. Although both models offer High Dynamic Range (HDR), the PS4 Pro allows games to easily render at a 4K resolution along with the full HD. Many of the PS4 Pro-specific video games use special rendering techniques to improve the image texture and smooth the objects on the screen. Xbox One S can support all 4k resolution games, but without the same strength and ability as the PS4 Pro.

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Another thing to consider is whether you want to play virtual reality video games like the new Resident Evil 7. The Playstation 4 Pro supports virtual reality with comfortable headsets right now whereas the Xbox One S does not. Microsoft may include an accessibility feature for virtual reality with Project Scorpio, scheduled to be released later this year, but no official confirmation yet. You may want to hold off on upgrading to Xbox One S if the rumors about Project Scorpio hold true. If you love following the latest news and information about video games, take a look at Buzzwebzine.

Should I Buy Xbox One S or Playstation 4 Pro to Play Video Games?

Choosing between the Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Pro lies mostly in personal preference. Looking to play actual video games in 4K for the best resolution available on the market right now? Pick the Playstation 4 Pro. Want to stream from popular services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, and Comedy Central in crisp 4K with no hassle? Choose the Xbox One S.

Once you upgrade your console, think about enhancing your selection of video games too. Bethesda released a remastered Special Edition of Skyrim last year for both Xbox One and Playstation 4. Don’t worry about breaking the bank to upgrade to the One S or the PS4 Pro. You can still play all existing games in each console’s library.


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