Mega Man for Mobile

Hey there everyone, hope you are enjoying my video games blog so far. I know I have posted a lot about PC games, so today I wanted to take a side step and talk about a different type of games; mobile games. For any of you old school gaming fans out there, you can now download official copies of all 6 original Mega Man games for your iOS or Android devices! Each game is available at a bargain price of only $1.99 on either app store!

Capcom announced the release of these nostalgic titles a month ago now, and since then old fans have been indulging in the classic side scrolling action as well as new fans getting their first taste of the iconic franchise, all with the convenience of being on your favourite mobile platform.

Players can take on all the iconic villains from the series! This includes but is not limited to Dr. Willy; Dr. Cossack, and the mysterious Mr. X. Each game has been optimized for mobile gaming with adjustments being made to the game speed.  The updated games will also include new game modes to liken them to other top mobile games, including a ‘Boss Rush’ mode. Capcom has announced scheduled updates to come in the future, bringing more game modes as well. 

If any of you remember playing Mega Man on your Gameboy, then head on over to the app store now and pick up at least one of these games; it’s worth it. The frame rate is a little slow, and at this point there is no support for MFI controllers. But this is not Capcom’s first rodeo, and certainly not when it comes to porting their classics to new consoles. If you have any hesitations about the Mega Man mobile games, I am sure Capcom will address it soon.

Mega Man


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