Grand Theft Auto V on Next Gen

What’s up fellow gamers, welcome back to Acclaimnation, the best video games blog I have ever wrote. Well, the only video games blog I have ever wrote. I am here today to tell you guys about a game I have been playing recently as it has came out on the PC; Grand Theft Auto V. I did play this game on my Xbox 360, but they have added some really, really cool new features in the next gen versions. The feature I am most happy with is the new first person camera mode. Grand Theft Auto has always been a third person game, so the decision to include a first person camera in the updated releases of the game were surprising to say the least but Rockstar did an amazing job. The camera works flawlessly, and the new gameplay because of that is incredible.

When I first tried first person in Grand Theft Auto 5, I actually felt a little sick. The view works that accurately, where there crazy stunts and explosions that you would do all the time would now seem like a crazy Michael Bay movie and it did take a while to get used to it. Not to mention all the new animal sequences. Spread around Los Santos there are mushrooms you can eat, which then transform you into some type of animal depending on which location you are at. I have yet to find all the mushrooms as I refuse to use a guide, but the ones I have found so far have been amazing. For this amount of work to be put into a re-release you have to wonder if it was planned all along but the existing hardware couldn’t handle it. All I know is that my computer can handle it, and I will continue to take advantage of that and try all the new features. See you guys later, have a good week.



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