Revolted Fallout 4 Mod

Hey everyone, what’s going on today? Welcome back to my video game blog, and I hope you are ready for a piece about modding. Well, a specific mod anyways. This new mod for Fallout 4 called revolted was rolled out a couple weeks ago on the games Nexus page for both PC and Xbox One, and it adds a whole new style to the Commonwealth. The mod is named Revolted, and adds a crude 1990’s FPS style look to the game. You get everything to make the post apocalypse seem like the nineties again, including a growling protagonist with some major politeness issues. As you run around the newly designed levels with a cigar bolted onto your face in search of the colored keys that open their respective doors you will find the same crates and barrels that make up any first person nineties shooter. Inside you get a whole load of low poly characters and low res textures.

The mod features a new story line, placing the player in a position of power as overseer of Vault 102. The only issue being that you an evil professor has stolen control on your vault and you must fight to get it back. The game has many features, including three dimensional graphics, mono sound and poly processing. Revolted is a next level challenge, with really mean bad guy, bullets that damage you, actually toxic toxic waste and language that at time can be deemed inappropriate. The game is added via a terminal in Concord, inside the speakeasy. Make sure that if you are going to be playing this game inside a game that you play safely; down a jolt cola, defrag your computer, set AOL on away and tell your sister to get off the damn phone line. And remember to hold onto your butts.

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