Easy Game Completions

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning into Acclaimnation again. You guys know that video games are my favorite hobby, so it shouldn’t surprise you to know that I have spent a lot of time over the past week playing some games on my Xbox 360. I recently picked up a bunch of really cheap games, and have been trying to get as many quick 100% completions on them as I can. If you guys are achievement hunters like me then you will know what I mean by that, but if not then here is a quick explanation. Xbox 360 and Xbox One games have these things called achievements awarded for doing something in game. It can be something really easy (like pressing start in ‘The Simpsons Game’) or extremely tasking ( Completing ‘Halo 4’ Solo on Legendary). These achievements follow loose sets of rules, like retail games must have 1000 gamerscore spread through all achievements and arcade games must have either 200 or 400 but there isn’t much regulation, meaning some games are really good to have in your collection.

A game that is famous for being both terribly bad and terribly easy is ‘Avatar The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth’. This game was an adaptation of the popular kids cartoon series Avatar the Last Airbender but unfortunately did not live up to the source material. The game is practically unplayed, except for the first 15 minutes as you can achieve a huge combo and be awarded all 1000 of the games gamerscore in that time. Now that the game is no longer produced, copies can be found online for over $80 just to add a quick and easy 1000 gamerscore to your account. Personally I would never pay an amount like that for a game I didn’t want to play anyways, but I would not be able to resist if it were on sale in town. Keep your eyes open for this game, and maybe you’ll be able to cash in on the money and the gamerscore. Take care everyone.

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